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Harness the power of to turn your expertise into branded, interactive exam preparation materials. Utilize our software, built specifically for exam prep, to craft and sell effective and personalized question banks and practice exams.


Everprep provides content creators with a straightforward solution to create and monetize comprehensive question banks. Utilize our platform to craft questions that emulate real exam conditions, helping students prepare effectively while generating a steady income from your expertise.


Offer your students a robust preparation tool. Your branded space on Everprep grants learners access to detailed question banks and practice exams designed to mirror the actual exam experience. The integration of the Spaced Repetition technique helps in retaining information more effectively, enhancing the likelihood of exam success.

Build Question Banks


Implement the Spaced Repetition technique within your question banks, a strategy that promotes retention by introducing questions at intervals optimized for memory reinforcement, aiding in successful exam outcomes.

Build Practice Exams


Empower students with practice exams that simulate real test scenarios. Everprep enables the easy creation of tailored exams, allowing you to select questions from your bank and establish time constraints, providing a realistic exam practice experience.

Create Engaging Lessons


Transform your expertise into dynamic learning experiences with Everprep’s Lesson feature. Design comprehensive lessons that cater to various learning styles, incorporating paragraph text, multimedia elements like videos, files, images, and audio.

How much does it cost?

We charge just $49.99 per month, plus a 10% commission on payments made by students.

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Everprep stands as a dependable platform for both students and creators, offering a direct path to monetize your knowledge through the creation of quality question banks.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience

    Leverage Everprep’s Spaced Repetition learning technique to boost students' retention rates. This proven method delivers questions at the optimum time to reinforce learning, increasing the chances of exam success by constantly adapting to each student's individual progress.

  • Versatile Course Creation

    Tailor your courses to suit diverse learning and teaching styles. Whether starting from scratch or uploading existing materials, Everprep accommodates various content formats - from text and images to videos and files. Our platform supports multiple question formats to address the unique needs of each exam, offering a flexible and adaptive approach to course creation.

  • Diverse Question Formats

    Craft comprehensive and engaging courses utilizing a range of question types tailored to foster an interactive learning environment. Everprep supports various formats including multiple-choice, fill in the blank, matching, ordering, and free type, allowing content creators to design nuanced and challenging assessments that cater to different learning styles and examination requirements. This versatile approach ensures a well-rounded preparation experience, enhancing students' readiness and confidence as they approach their exams.

  • Secure & Professional Admin Panel

    Say goodbye to cumbersome spreadsheets with Everprep’s professional administration panel. This centralized platform allows for streamlined management of your team, students, and study materials. With options for bulk uploads, integrating pre-existing content is a hassle-free process, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters - delivering quality educational content.

How It Works
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    Upload references, add questions, answers, explanations, and create practice exams to launch your digital course.
  • Match Your Brand
    Update the student experience to fit seamlessly within your brand.
  • Enroll Your Students
    Choose a subscription or fee model that works best for you and your students.

We built Everprep to enable you to share your knowledge in a smart and effective way.

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