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Why We Built Everprep

Everprep was born out of the frustration and anxiety that shrouds exam prep for test takers of all kinds.

Founders Allen Wood and Jonny Coreson first created Bluejacketeer to solve this frustration based on their personal experiences with the Navy Advancement Exam. Now, after successfully helping close to 50,000 Sailors advance their career, we aim to extend our reach to benefit professional test takers in any industry.

Allen Wood


Jonny Coreson



We built Everprep to empower professionals. Our goal is to provide economic opportunity for instructors, and career advancement opportunity for learners around the world.

Brand values
  • People Centered
    Put people first, always. We exist to drive our learners, instructors, and team to new heights.
  • Quality Over Quantity
    Quality is key. We work to deliver value to our customers and each other, everyday.
  • Constantly Evolving
    Staying static never leads to success. Focused change leads to growth. Don’t fear change — strive for it.

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